Fishing on foot

It is possible to fish on foot near Yelloh! Village la Chênaie campsite Pornic France. It is an enjoyable activity , in direct contact with nature, which also allows you to taste the delicious products of your fishing.

Put on your boots, your plastic sandals or old sneakers. Flip-flop is not advised, it's not safe to walk with flip-flops on the rocks !

Protect your skin from the Sun with a hat, T -shirt and sunscreen. Check the tide times before and ...

You can find shells on the rocks , shrimp on the nearest beaches. In Pornic, at beaches "la Joselière" and "la Birochère" , you find oysters, periwinkles, limpets and shrimp .

In "la Bernerie" you can fish clams.

In " la Plaine sur Mer - Port Giraud" you find mussels.

In "Saint Michel Chef Chef - Tharon plage" - shells ("coques" in French).

Fishing on foot is regulated to protect the resource. Ask for information about the authorized fishing utensils , the minimum size that should make the shellfish and the maximum weight allowed per person per tide .

The very low tides attract many fishermen on foot. Why not enjoy a short stay to discover this activity ?

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