City of St Brévin

St Brevin les Pins is a resort about 20 km from la Chênaie campsite Pornic France.

This small city streches along the Ocean from the mouth of the Loire and Bridge St Nazaire, to St Michel Chef Chef.

In St Brevin, you will find 8 km of sandy beaches, forested dunes and a forest along the sea.

Discover some typical villas along the paths that criss-cross the town.

You will also discover the Snake of Ocean, work of Huang Yong Ping, installed for the cultural event Estuary 2012. At "la pointe du Nez de Chien", you will find the huge sea serpent, whose impressive skeleton emerges from the water depending on the tides.

To be seen: the International Fireworks Festival of Saint-Brevin. This is a must event in St Brevin. It drew up to 100,000 spectators. Today is the biggest summer gathering of Loire Atlantique. See you on the beach of "St Brévin l'Océan".

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