City and harbor Saint Nazaire

Some visits to do in St Nazaire , at about 30 km from Yelloh! Village la Chênaie campsite Pornic France.


Let yourself be transported into the world and the magic of transoceanic ships . At the heart of the submarine base , in a place evoking the former liner ships. These fabulous boats will reveal you their secrets : a ship, to discover the adventure of ships !

The submarine "Espadon" (Swordfish)

For 20 years, the submarine is moored in the fortified port of St-Nazaire . The German army has fortified the port during World War II to serve as an access to the submarine base . Throughout his career, the submarine "Espadon" has never been involved in a military conflict.


The St Nazaire site Airbus is one of the main centers of the Airbus excellence. This place is specialized in the assembly, and testing of some equipments, and central fuselage of Airbus , including the A380. The aviation industry was born in Saint-Nazaire in 1920 , in order to diversify shipbuilding .

The port of Saint Nazaire

More than 3,000 ships per year are received at the Port of St Nazaire. Guided tours allow visitors to discover the port facilities along the Loire estuary .

The "Ecomusée"

The museum of St Nazaire devotes its activities to the knowledge of heritage and traces the milestones in the history of Saint-Nazaire port created in the nineteenth century with its maritime activities. This city, built after the Second Empire, was destroyed during the second World War and rebuilt in the 1950s. Its industry is based on building ships and planes ...


A guided visit the shipyard . It makes you a spectator of shipbuilding, a very high technology activity.

The largest ship ever built in Saint-Nazaire ! The site of Saint-Nazaire realizes a new ferry available in autumn 2016. This vessel will measure 210 meters long and 32 meters wide and will have a gauge of 53,000 GT . With 675 cabins, it can carry 2,474 passengers and 800 vehicles at a cost of € 270 million. For this, the team has a new industrial tool : the largest portal in Europe.

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