City of Nantes

Situated at about 40 km from la Chênaie campsite Pornic France, Nantes is well worth being visited.

Not to be missed :

  • Castle of the Dukes of Brittany - History of Nantes Museum

This is the last castle of the Loire before the river reaches the sea. Rarely seen, the castle is accessible and free from the battlements to the moats. Its museum of the History of Nantes with contemporary scenography appeals to all. Fall under the spell of five centuries of medieval history...

  • Lieu Unique - LU

Atypic art center, LU tower, shop... Modern theater, dance, music and 3-dimensional art at its best in this former LU factory re-sized to house a mix of genres, cultures and people. The lieu unique also has a bar, a restaurant and an authentic Turkish bath.

  • Passage Pommeraye

Classy boutiques in a historic monument. Beneath the elegant glass ceiling rises its monumental staircase flanked by allegorical statues. The boutiques in the shopping arcade bring this listed building to life. There aren't many European towns that can claim to have a more architecturally valuable shopping arcade.

  • Jardin des Plantes - Botanical garden

Magnolia, camellia, greenhouse, kid's playground. Three centuries of botany, sea-faring and the green fingers of the gardeners have make the gardens what they are today. Its scientific reputation had already been built by the mid 18th century.

  • Trentemoult

It was once a fishing and Cape Horner village. Lovely for a pleasant stroll, and a place to have something to eat and drink, to chat with friends and wathch the changing hues of the Loire under the setting sun. From the western tip of the Isle you'll first notice the red-tiled roofs, a sure sign that you are looking aht the souht bank of the Loire.

  • Ile de Nantes

Area of the former shipyards. Five kilometres long, one kilemetre wide and surrounded by stretches of the Loire, the Isle of Nantes is the link between the north and the south of Greater Nantes. For 10 years this has been a changing landscape under a major and singularly enthusiastic urban project.

  • Erdre River
The banks of the Erdre offer town and country walks. Heading north you will be able to admire many small ports, manors, stately homes and mansions even before you get to where the river widens out beautifully at the marina in Sucé-sur-Erdre. François I called it the most beautiful river in France and here it opens up onto the Nantes-Brest canal and the navigable waters of Brittany.

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