The medieval city of Guerande

Not far from Yelloh! Village la Chênaie Pornic France, Guérande is well worth being visited. Located forty minutes from Pornic, the Guerande peninsula has been awarded the "City of Art and History." Some famous places to visit:


The salt marshes of Guerande, protected site, are operated on 1,400 hectares with ancient production techniques, that respects the environment. Several salt producers offers you to discover the functioning of salt marshes and marsh life. "La Maison des Paludiers" (Saillé), Terre de Sel (Pradel), and the Museum of Salt Marshes (Batz-sur-Mer).

La Brière Park

"Le parc de la Brière" is a protected area of 490 km2 of which 170 km2 of wetlands. The brackish marshes called "Le Marais de Grande Brière" covers 70 km2. "Le parc de la Brière" offers amazing colors, through a maze of canals, lakes, reed beds and meadows that are home to rare flora and fauna, that are protected. You can make a promenade, and navigate through a ship called barge. In the ancient time in Brière, peat was used for heating.

The Remparts

The remparts of Guérande is one of the most preserved in France and the most complete of Brittany. Based on earlier remains, the city walls dates mainly from the 15th century. Six towers and four gates punctuate its walls of 1.300 meters long. It is a remarkable testimony to the rapid adaptation of military architecture in the development of artillery. Classified historic monument in 1877.

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Tourisme à Guérande
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