The Loire Valley has much to offer, especially the department of the Loire Atlantique. Located on the Atlantic coast, this department has many resorts, such as Pornic, where is located the Yelloh! village campsite La Chênaie Pornic France

In adition with the beach, Pornic offers a wide range of activities related to the sea, you juste have to discover!

Close to the Yelloh! Village campsite La Chênaie Pornic France:


At low tide, especially during spring tides when the sea has a very high tidal coefficient, you can go fishing on foot: mussels, oysters, cockles, clams, shrimp. Kids love this activity and fishery product is delicious!
Maybe you'll feel like fishing in the sea or a walk? Boat renting (sail or engine) is possible in Pornic.

The region is also known for salt marshes. The most famous one is the one of Guerande, located at 50 minutes from La Chenaie Campsite. However, if you don't want to drive too much, you can discover the ones of Bourgneuf en Retz and Les Moutiers en Retz. They are older, interesting too, and only 15 minutes far from the campsite. You can visit and buy salt on site.

Water sports are no exception in Pornic.

Sporty and dynamic, the city is a water sports center which offers sea kayaking, sea rowing, regatta ...

Finally, let us disperse frequent confusion:
- Ste Marie on sea is a common associated neighborhood of Pornic. Not to be confused with the Holy Mary of the sea, Camargue, Provence.

- Michel St Patties have always been made up in St Michel Chef Chef a few miles from Yelloh! Village camping Chênaie Pornic. And not to the Mont St Michel!

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